Artist’s World

I suspect I should not be doing a post right now. I have done a bit much today and there is something that feels like a fist under my ribs. The morning started with a little protest up the street at Budgewoi. I took whatever I had to make a booth and let as many […]

Keeping Busy

After years of being almost prone from fighting depression pain and chronic fatigue a bunch of things have changed. The drugs they gave me after the angoigram helped me back to my feet even before the second round of angioplasty where they put in stints and generally cleaned the plaque out of the arteries. There […]

Rough Trip….

This image was created back in about 1996 and was an early attempt at large acrylic works with eroded surfaces. This particular work is based on an image by Picasso. (The Acrobat) but the shape is actually¬† Chinese Cloud calligraphy for female. Although the image is simple and naive it was intended to be an […]

Catching up. 15 May 09

Ruth took me over to the big Bunnings Store at Lakehaven. It became impossible to paint or draw with all of the table tops and desks groaning under the weight of things needing a home. Paint tubes, papers, electrical goods, palette knives, books and cameras all over the place. We grabbed two sets of¬† “Trade […]