Holter Test

The web site showing examples of my various artworks has been rebuilt and cleaned up. It has two sections now. One for paintings and one for pen and ink. There are still sections due for cartoons, doodles and illustrations that I can think of. I am making it in sections but each one is complete […]

Dodo Wireless Broadband, Budgewoi

August 2009: After all the drama below the Product has been smooth and dependable for some time. The cap is still very small but the price suits me. I can only guess that the mass of problems outlined below were teething problems and have been dealt with. It would have been nice if  Dodo had […]

Digital Television on the Central Coast

I have not had good television pick-up since I moved in here several years ago. One problem is the forest of antennas that have been put on the roof as each tenant had problems and which are shared with my neighbor in the other half of this place. They are a problem because there is […]