ITunes! #@%$

The mood of the day looked like being quite heavy. The weather was grim. Cloudy and cold. Tomorrow is the day on which both of the Consumer Tenancy and Trader Tribunal hearings are being heard and there is a possibility they will throw me out of here. I cannot see why but it would not […]

Dodo Wireless Broadband

Dodo rang today and offered me a very good deal on wireless broadband. For various reasons I have been keeping dial-up. Whenever I have looked up wireless broadband there has seemed to be no coverage here. The 3G network¬† belonging to Optus is covering us now. One cool thing about the modem. It has a […]

Primitive Broadband

It sounds like an oxymoron. Primitive Broadband! The way we treat bill payment and our broadband use is primitive however. Most of the people I know share their broadband with their children and don’t have any idea of the bandwidth used until they hit the limit or the month is over. In this day and […]