More paper

We have just scanned our way through maybe 200 pages of the Ray White encyclopaedia of the misdeeds of Stephen Solomons or their evidence for the Tribunal. A huge amount of it is just filler. Pages they have thrown in to try and add confusion and difficulty for the readers. I guess there are are […]


Good grief! I was just stalked by one of the estate agents. He followed me into the bakery and kept moving about trying to catch my eye while I was at the counter. When I left he followed me out with this really grim look on his face . He kept the look up as […]

Delivering the drawings III

I went over to the other side of the channel on Friday morning. He had said he would not be back until the 18th but it was worth a check. He was in. There were a lot of people waiting to see him. I grabbed a seat figuring to give him a chance to tell […]

Soft tissue Saturday

It has been a week since I was allegedly mobbed by the Ray White staff andallegedly mauled by the fire dudes. The hospital did their best to find the damage and looked for most of the night. It is strange but all of the bony and tendon damage I have apart from the grievous wounds […]

Nothing to hide

Nothing to fear! That is the theory anyway.It was on that basis that the property inspection a year a half ago included an agent who wandered about my house photographing everything! I asked them to stop but was unable to get images returned. The next inspection I asked that cameras be turned off unless something […]


That is the appropriate word for what has happened here. Disbelief! I cannot believe I have worked hard, made immense sacrifices and dealt with killing illnesses to get a tiny nugget of life out of my passion for art and this estate agent has (allegedly, as per the request of Ray White Budgewoi staff)decided she […]