Vox Mechanika and the Zen of Nature

Some of the images from the Grim City series have gone on the wall at Budgewoi Convenience Store in Ocean Parade to replace the Icons of Budgewoi works that have been up for the last few weeks. This is a very different look for that venue. The series up so far are architectural and almost […]

More on inspections

Almost everything that is not nailed down is going into boxes now. Among real estate agents are those that have proven so dishonest and unpredictable that it seems there is little to gain by unpacking. That sounds melodramatic but of course the situation is different when a person is handicapped and unpacking is a huge […]

Brown water

I would have liked to sleep all day but things run towards their climaxes. I went up the street and spent some time chewing the fat and drinking coffee with a few friends which I badly needed to do. I was getting jumpy and a little stressed. They all offered to help get the scooter […]

The Shower Recess

Twelve months or a year ago the flats were sold to new owners. Both of the units were known to have badly leaking showers. The new owners decided to come back about Christmas and fix them. Christmas came and went. It is not a good time for making¬† work style commitments. All was quiet on […]

May 2011

There were big changes over the last few months. The weather changes keep crashing in and life is rarely less than harsh in the sense that pain is a constant companion. In the spaces between the bad moments are other moments worthy of note. The garage has been a sore in my life since I […]

The computer and I crash. One of us is repaired

The weather had changed a few days back and cold fronts were now rolling in with snow on the mountains and at Oberon. The changes were sudden enough to¬† be attacking my joints with old Arthur-itis and the pain was coming in long waves that all the painkillers in my arsenal did not touch. There […]