Letter from the Agents

The letter from Ray White at Budgewoi arrived yesterday. Dear Stephen Re: Routine Inspection As part of our responsibilities as Managing Agents we are required to carry out regular inspections on each property we manage…. etcetera etcetera you can imagine. It was signed by Craig Favelle as Property Manager. Apparently they take turns. The date […]

Budgewoi Bush Fire

The first fire of the season broke out in Budgewoi today. It was in the grass and dry eucalypts of the little island at the North end of Budgewoi channel. Near MacKenzie Reserve across that bridge from the Lions Club Park. I first saw a big black cloud rising from behind houses across the Halekulani […]

Magpie gangstas

The Magpies woke me at 6:am this morning. Normally, if I don’t put food out in the morning they will pop in every hour or so and yodel softly at the door. If they are not able to get an answer they go off and return later to repeat the process. It’s mating season now […]

Blue tongue, birds and things

More of a diary entry today. There is a half-sized blue-tongued lizard living by the back stairs. These are very calm creatures and I have handled it a few times moving it from a spot it had been sunning itself to a spot where it wasn’t under the wheels of the scooter. The Butcher Bird […]