Its strange the things that excite people. I feel a sense of wonder quite often even in the backyard here. Things as diverse as spiders, bees, wasps, beetles and in this case it is mushrooms. The mower guy has not been able to get here for a bit longer than normal because the weather is […]


It feels like it is changing. It’s the way we look into the future now. The way visionaries write about it has changed. Visionaries are losing their desire to look too far. The great sweeping hope of the sci-fi era is becoming even more apocalyptic. The truth is that our future has infinitely more chance […]

Central Coast Region tshirt

Have been trying to design a simple, elegant image that speaks of the Central Coast. Eureka I might be happy with this one Central Coast Region by sundog_279View other Gosford T-Shirts Men’s and women’s available, all sorts of different styles and t-shirts and hoodies. There has been a push on to get people in authority […]

The Fleet Calendar

On the shores of Lake Munmorah sit the vessels of the Budgewoi Sailing Club and other sailors. Without the wind, and landlocked, they seem abandoned. The Fleet 2010 by WeblightStudioMore 2009 calendars from Zazzle Its on the Zazzle web site and can be obtained one at a time or in numbers, they print as the […]

Digital Television on the Central Coast

I have not had good television pick-up since I moved in here several years ago. One problem is the forest of antennas that have been put on the roof as each tenant had problems and which are shared with my neighbor in the other half of this place. They are a problem because there is […]