I just want to thank you all for your generosity. This morning we are heading off to the Wyong Local Court to spend your money. Ray White Budgewoi (real estate agents) generated another spurious and vindictive Application for Apprehended Personal Violence Order under the Crimes (personal and domestic) Act 2007. Their guilt about the terrible […]

Whats his name again!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. what’s his name from Ray White Budgewoi is beating up the truth again. The Tribunal has sent me a notice for a hearing where all the staff of Ray Budgewoi are getting AVO.s I am not sure how that works but if that is what they need to do […]

This not a story about anyone

Ray White Budgewoi Real Estate Agents have a property manager and he sent me an email. You should get a look at it. Let me set the scene and add some background as we go along. First of all this property has been occupied by me for seven years. All of that time I have […]

Regular Property Inspection

The inspection went well. A community service provider turned up at 11am and spent some time helping me about the place. She was still here when the estate agents arrived as planned. There had to be a human witness. Even with all the cameras there are blind spots and so the Ray White estate agents […]

Another letter

Another communiqué from one of the Ray White Budgewoi property managers arrived just a few minutes ago. Wow, this was a real jaw dropper. They have sent me a “Notice to Remedy Breach” and it says I am to “cease operating a business from this property without permission” and to “Cease all business activities being […]

Letter from the Agents

The letter from Ray White at Budgewoi arrived yesterday. Dear Stephen Re: Routine Inspection As part of our responsibilities as Managing Agents we are required to carry out regular inspections on each property we manage…. etcetera etcetera you can imagine. It was signed by Craig Favelle as Property Manager. Apparently they take turns. The date […]