I didn’t know for sure what a Podiatrist does. Several people had commented on the fact that having diabetes as well as a foot that has been shattered might mean trouble for me, possibly amputation, if the illness affected the foot. I spoke to Dr Hood at Lake Munmorah and he added a podiatrist to […]

Manic Spam and Infrastructure Spending

What is it to be manic? Yesterday the cleaner who was replacing the normal cleaner spent a couple of hours here cleaning the house and chatting. Being manic is like being possessed. Some people actually drool as words and thoughts explode from their head without any real intellectual  control. I embarrassed myself yesterday. There was […]

A Private Hell

What a disaster! Some people say that we are in hell as we pass through this life. I have some times agreed and other times  resisted because I do not think that suffering is hellish in the sense Christians and other religions speak of it. I am most definitely (in another sense of the word) […]

Easter Sunday

I was ill on Thursday and forgot it was Easter so I didn’t get to the pharmacy. Ran out of diabetes meds last night and have just run out of pain meds. “FUBAR”ed myself totally. Tomorrow is a public holiday as well so I am not looking forward to that. I really was not happy […]