I was determined not to go to the hospital. Everything was fine in the morning and there was even a chance to grab some groceries. By 11am though the pins and needles feeling in the face was back and it went down the left shoulder and arm. I still was determined not to go to […]


My doctor was back at work yesterday and I have medication again. In the long run I am left with a problem that is inevitably going to reappear. Any time my particular health professional is not available his associates will surreptitiously dump me in the lurch and without any care about how much damage they […]

Pain Game II

There were only a few pain relief tablets left in the blister pack when I called the doctor to get another prescription. I am sure my doctor used to take Thursdays off but now it seems he has changed to Wednesdays and he was not in. My request for a pain prescription was handed through […]

What the Doctors say

It was a bit of a rough trip to the doctors office today. After a raft of tests over the last few weeks the doctors assistants have been calling to demand I make an appointment and see him so I have. My kidneys are giving off significant amounts of protein and are in a state […]

The Pain Dance

The macabre run around some doctors give to people who suffer chronic pain. It seems to be about to start again for me. The 30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol tablets I take for the considerable pain I deal with ran out yesterday. Because I was having a bad day and suffering confusion and weakness I […]

Medical expenses

What a crap day! I waited until the last moment to go to the pharmacy and grab a refill of the pain meds. It’s a silly thing to do but they stress if you seem to be getting refills too early. I hadn’t been informed that the refills had run out and to be honest […]