Life in the burbs II

As problems have become more generally known a few people have reached out and told me of their own problems and thoughts on the matter. One family with three children had been forced to move three times in two years. They had managed to get settled before their children were due to start school but […]

A Conversation

The estate agent had organised to do a quick property inspection on the 7th February so I was expecting someone when the knock came. I went to the door and let him in but noticed he was holding a digital camera in his free hand. “Please turn that off.” I suggested. “I do not allow […]

Habitat destruction disaster

Firstly, too much time was spent riding about taking photos of the dunes near Weemala St. In a lot of pain. The neck in particular is becoming a worry as it takes over from the damaged hips and legs in the regularity with which it presents as a major pain center. I am very worried […]