There are several things afoot this month. The Art Supplies shop at Toukley is making some new display frames for my drawings. I am keeping to the style of the ones I already have. Silver aluminum about 40 x 50 cm. They will be used to get the drawings of the shells into a gallery […]

Catching up. 15 May 09

Ruth took me over to the big Bunnings Store at Lakehaven. It became impossible to paint or draw with all of the table tops and desks groaning under the weight of things needing a home. Paint tubes, papers, electrical goods, palette knives, books and cameras all over the place. We grabbed two sets of  “Trade […]

Rough Day

Ruth took me to the Bay Village Mall on the day-before-yesterday. The mall was busy. There were parking spots outside but you had to hunt for them among the moving mass of people walking and driving in all directions. Inside it wasn’t so bad. The buildings seemed to swallow a lot of people and still […]