Aus Cut

So¬† Ray White have become desperate enough to begin physical attacks. Despite a barrage of emails and letters to their agents and the owner they have upped their attacks to ordering their contractors to physically enter the property and vandalise the plants while I am out. They came in today while I was over the […]

This not a story about anyone

Ray White Budgewoi Real Estate Agents have a property manager and he sent me an email. You should get a look at it. Let me set the scene and add some background as we go along. First of all this property has been occupied by me for seven years. All of that time I have […]

Habitat destruction disaster

Firstly, too much time was spent riding about taking photos of the dunes near Weemala St. In a lot of pain. The neck in particular is becoming a worry as it takes over from the damaged hips and legs in the regularity with which it presents as a major pain center. I am very worried […]