Catching up in February

It has been a while since I was in here. My lack of energy and enterprise seems to have a reason however. After I complained of pain in my testicles and bad pain in my chest the doctor sent me over to the nuclear medicine place at Toukley (PPR Diagnostic Imaging). It took a few […]

Rough Trip….

This image was created back in about 1996 and was an early attempt at large acrylic works with eroded surfaces. This particular work is based on an image by Picasso. (The Acrobat) but the shape is actually¬† Chinese Cloud calligraphy for female. Although the image is simple and naive it was intended to be an […]

Van Gogh and Bull Ants

There was a Dr Who episode where they visit Vincent. He wanders back and forward between pained rejection and bravery, hopelessness and riotous vision. When they spoke of him converting his pain into exuberant color I was already crying like a baby. I have an understanding with Vincent. His condition and gift touch me deeply […]


It’s been an extraordinary couple of weeks with several calendars online and the first work on show in Red Bubble. I am paying for all the effort with a massive dose of scatteredness and big chunks of absent-mindedness and depression. Bad enough to be scary. One card has been ordered from the stuff on Red […]