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Police Chases. Are they safe?

After more killings during a Police chase this week there have been questions about the Police ability to involve image sourced from a chain email themselves in a chase safely Interesting question. The Police have come up with their standard answers. We have special handlers who call us off when it gets too dangerous. These […]

Budgewoi Bush Fire

The first fire of the season broke out in Budgewoi today. It was in the grass and dry eucalypts of the little island at the North end of Budgewoi channel. Near MacKenzie Reserve across that bridge from the Lions Club Park. I first saw a big black cloud rising from behind houses across the Halekulani […]

Biker Peace Talks March-April 2009

The president of the Commancheros has come out and suggested that all the clubs in NSW involved in the friction get together and have a talk. It is a good idea but it carries risks. The NSW Government and possibly the Feds have guys inside these clubs and have been causing some of the agitation […]