Auto Erotic

I realise that I have begun to isolate myself. I am grieving for this life. The friends I have only just begun to enjoy here will be left behind if I leave. It is very painful to laugh with people and know that I in a few months I will never see them again. It […]

Budgewoi Grocer Closing?

Dave took over the Budgewoi Fruit and Vegetable Market after Leo had had enough a few years ago.  He and Nick cleaned the place up and it has been turning over fresh fruit and veg ever since. There are plenty of articles within my blog (including the last one or so) about how important I […]

Fast Food Advertising

The Australian Federal Government has recently had talks on the problems we have with obesity among our children. One of the strategies they discussed was banning fast food advertising during the hours children do most of their television viewing. Banning fast food advertising seems to make a lot of sense when you look at the […]

Budgewoi Gasoline Leak

Over Christmas and just beyond there was a normal smattering of vandals at Budgewoi. Budgewoi is a quiet village sandwiched among the sandbars and dunes of the upper New South Wales Central Coast of Australia. A significant number of the homes and apartments in the area are used as holiday homes and there is always […]

Budgewoi grocery

It is easy to forget how simple things can affect the baseline for the way you enjoy your day. Looking around the kitchen here I see a bag of tasty tomatoes. There are small, crunchy apples and crisp lettuce in the fridge as well as sweet carrots. These particular bags of fruit and veg all […]

St George Budgewoi

What is happening there? Our local St George ATM has been broken for over a week. Westpac has been on the news lately crowing about the fact they have kept St George as it was, looking after us. I don’t remember a machine being broken for more than a weekend before. You have to wonder […]