A warning about Steam Online Gaming

Have you ever heard of the Steam online game platform ? I cannot believe how badly I have just been done over.  It looks as though their unsolicited download when I tried to instal may have cost me as much as five hundred or even a thousand dollars in download allowance overruns. I am in […]

Manic Spam and Infrastructure Spending

What is it to be manic? Yesterday the cleaner who was replacing the normal cleaner spent a couple of hours here cleaning the house and chatting. Being manic is like being possessed. Some people actually drool as words and thoughts explode from their head without any real intellectual  control. I embarrassed myself yesterday. There was […]

Dodo Wireless Broadband, Budgewoi

August 2009: After all the drama below the Product has been smooth and dependable for some time. The cap is still very small but the price suits me. I can only guess that the mass of problems outlined below were teething problems and have been dealt with. It would have been nice if  Dodo had […]