Letter from the Agents

The letter from Ray White at Budgewoi arrived yesterday. Dear Stephen Re: Routine Inspection As part of our responsibilities as Managing Agents we are required to carry out regular inspections on each property we manage…. etcetera etcetera you can imagine. It was signed by Craig Favelle as Property Manager. Apparently they take turns. The date […]


The girls from Art World rang to tell me the frames were still not done. They had run out of the aluminium I like on the frames. I should have guessed. All of the drawings have been framed in the same stuff and the only person who would normally have a big stock of it […]

Birds and bowels

At about 6am this morning the Corella flock moved along the water’s edge. Not far from the traffic bridge one of them was hit by a car. The bird was killed although probably not instantly. At 8:30 am I came along and the flock had settled about the body of their fellow flock member . […]