Easter Saturday

In the morning I went up to the pharmacist to get some heart medications. This afternoon I noticed that one of the diabetes medications had run out as well. there is always something to run out of on public holidays. The day was spent reading Stephen King’s CELL and bringing a drawing up to the […]

The Pain Dance

The macabre run around some doctors give to people who suffer chronic pain. It seems to be about to start again for me. The 30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol tablets I take for the considerable pain I deal with ran out yesterday. Because I was having a bad day and suffering confusion and weakness I […]

Remembering Robin

In a few days, the 6th Jan, it will be the anniversary of the day my brother took his own life. It seems to be more difficult this year. There is a huge knot in my guts a lot of the time. Ridiculously vicious nightmares are thrashing about in my mind when I get to […]

Rough Trip….

This image was created back in about 1996 and was an early attempt at large acrylic works with eroded surfaces. This particular work is based on an image by Picasso. (The Acrobat) but the shape is actually¬† Chinese Cloud calligraphy for female. Although the image is simple and naive it was intended to be an […]

Dreaming of the Doctor

A dream. A little like Charles Dickens’ a Christmas Carol. In this one the ghost came for a doctor. One gave the idea for the other There was a doctor. He was GP I had known in times when I lived closer to Sydney and represented a number of particular doctors I have faced. The […]