Budgewoi Gasoline Leak

Over Christmas and just beyond there was a normal smattering of vandals at Budgewoi. Budgewoi is a quiet village sandwiched among the sandbars and dunes of the upper New South Wales Central Coast of Australia. A significant number of the homes and apartments in the area are used as holiday homes and there is always […]

The computer broke

As it always does right on Christmas. It has done it every year, at almost exactly this date, for a couple of years. It just stayed black-screen when I attempted to start it up. I took it to the local computer guy to have it fixed. Am I happy with how it went down after […]

New Loo at Budgewoi

One of the things I seem to remember hearing about the main street of Budgewoi is that several organizations, including the Budgewoi Progress Association, had begged The Wyong Shire Council to add a toilet somewhere along the strip of shops on the Tenth Ave side of the channel. Over the decades they had given up […]

Tenth Ave Pharmacy

I have been using this pharmacy for years and apart from a couple of disagreements about the effectiveness of generic medicines they have never been anything but warm and professional. This changed yesterday. I had been doing a little research to see if there anything I can do immediately to give myself an edge should […]