Hanging the drawings V

Yesterday Fran drove me to the Toukley Art Supplies to pick up the framed drawings. I was a bit annoyed as I thought I had paid for four of them and they only had dockets for three so I had to leave one behind. I couldn’t find a fourth receipt either so who knows. They […]

More drawings

Yesterday was a nice day. In the morning the little mobility scooter and I took the round trip to Toukley and had some more drawings framed. It was a long trip and very tiring but the sun was out and the trip along the back of the beaches and dunes was beautiful. The girls at […]


The plan was to use the next couple of weeks up to the date of the angiography to prepare the house and paperwork in case things went badly. The specialist’s office rang yesterday and wanted to put the day back to the 11th of next month which should have suited me. It might have suited […]