A warning about Steam Online Gaming

Have you ever heard of the Steam online game platform ? I cannot believe how badly I have just been done over.  It looks as though their unsolicited download when I tried to instal may have cost me as much as five hundred or even a thousand dollars in download allowance overruns. I am in […]

Mum’s Internet Service Provider

Mum has been trying for months to get her ISP (Optus) to make the Wireless Broadband connection to her home work. She has had almost a total blackout and been unable to even connect to the service. The happy friendly people at Optus customer support have been delighted to make her jump through all kind […]

Dodo wireless broadband strikes again

I went to Beatport and bought five songs to download. My cap had run out on Dodo so I bought a block of 250mb. The first song was taking over an hour to download (33mb) so I checked my account on Dodo and the usage meter there claimed I had already used half of the […]

Dodo Wireless Broadband, Budgewoi

August 2009: After all the drama below the Product has been smooth and dependable for some time. The cap is still very small but the price suits me. I can only guess that the mass of problems outlined below were teething problems and have been dealt with. It would have been nice if  Dodo had […]