Legal Aid 1

After feeding the birds at 6:am I went back to sleep a while. The community worker picked me up at 8:30 and drove us off to the courthouse at Wyong. My name went down on a sheet at the front bench. It was a list of people awaiting the attention of the legal aid solicitor. […]

The computer and I crash. One of us is repaired

The weather had changed a few days back and cold fronts were now rolling in with snow on the mountains and at Oberon. The changes were sudden enough to¬† be attacking my joints with old Arthur-itis and the pain was coming in long waves that all the painkillers in my arsenal did not touch. There […]


Night fishing in the estuary or salt lagoon is my preferred style of fishing and there have been two opportunities over the last few weeks. Wednesday morning from midnight to 4am three weeks back and then again on the same night at the same time a week later. The first night was a bit of […]


Its strange the things that excite people. I feel a sense of wonder quite often even in the backyard here. Things as diverse as spiders, bees, wasps, beetles and in this case it is mushrooms. The mower guy has not been able to get here for a bit longer than normal because the weather is […]

Dodo wireless broadband strikes again

I went to Beatport and bought five songs to download. My cap had run out on Dodo so I bought a block of 250mb. The first song was taking over an hour to download (33mb) so I checked my account on Dodo and the usage meter there claimed I had already used half of the […]

Central Coast Region tshirt

Have been trying to design a simple, elegant image that speaks of the Central Coast. Eureka I might be happy with this one Central Coast Region by sundog_279View other Gosford T-Shirts Men’s and women’s available, all sorts of different styles and t-shirts and hoodies. There has been a push on to get people in authority […]