I just want to thank you all for your generosity. This morning we are heading off to the Wyong Local Court to spend your money. Ray White Budgewoi (real estate agents) generated another spurious and vindictive Application for Apprehended Personal Violence Order under the Crimes (personal and domestic) Act 2007. Their guilt about the terrible […]

Catch up

Visiting Wyong Local Court was a huge day in the sense that it is a lot of effort to get about. The actual court session did nothing much. The Police still have not given my lawyers any evidence to defend so the whole thing was adjourned until September. SEPTEMBER! That will make Wendy happy! The […]

Auto Erotic

I realise that I have begun to isolate myself. I am grieving for this life. The friends I have only just begun to enjoy here will be left behind if I leave. It is very painful to laugh with people and know that I in a few months I will never see them again. It […]