The artist has done everything he can to avoid remembering this story. It is the story of the ruin of what was left of his health by people who were paid to heal and educate.


 The trauma of going back through these events is so powerful it has at times caused him to dissolve emotionally and intellectually. It can be so bad three days after the attempt begins he would find himself alone in the middle of night fighting to cope with small tasks and talking angrily to the darkness having written nothing.


He feels the story is still badly written and incomplete but it he felt it had to go up as soon as it is coherent enough or it wouldn't ever go.


The whole story needs to be told but for now he felt it should be dealt with in slabs so he can write as much as he can stand at a time


It is in the third person and may be unreadable. If it is unreadable many people will get a pass they don’t deserve.

The Chittaway Affair, page 1

The Chittaway Affair

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