Steel Pipe Antenna Mast

In trouble!

The pipe being used by the antenna as a mast is 6.6 meters (metres in the English/Australian dictionary) The weight by metre according to the online chart is between 3.3 or 4.5 kilogram’s per metre. That is medium or heavy grade but I forgot which I bought. It definitely wasn’t the light one. (Bloody genius aren’t I?) The bracket I am planning to use to anchor the system if I can get it upright is 2.5 metres from the earth. It is a little home/diy bracket for a television antenna. The length of the antenna for the CB radio is over four metres. That is not a good range of heights and weights for someone who is not well and has almost no tools and no helpers. I might have winched it up by brute force when I was well but I think for now I am just going to stare at it. There is some doubt that I can get it upright on my own and then the whole process may be dangerous for my neighbors or their property. As time passes and I stare at it more it looks possible to do safely with enough planning. Maybe!

I am building a spigot into concrete at ground level. The spigot is a smaller piece of pipe that the mast can slide over and thus be fixed at the bottom. It will be the most stable part of the whole thing although the length of that has to be decided as I have to make a hole for it and the soil up here is man-made and possibly rubble filled. Getting almost a metre of pipe down into the ground and concreting it in place may also be more than I can cope with. Both the length in and above ground can be cut down. The spigot has to be short enough so I can wrestle the vertical mast pipe over it while I stabilize it from the roof.

This is looking like a very dangerous project if I go ahead without planning and some changes to the materials. I also have to get new tools. I do not have a hacksaw to cut the metal if I need to shorten it nor bolt-cutters if it becomes practical to make steel-cable guy ropes to stabilize the height. It may need to be cut down. I don’t even have a file or a grinder. All the stuff stolen from my shed when I was too ill and people were preying on me.

The back door of the apartment and the eaves the antenna will be mounted on. It is half that long again to the left. This was bare like this because the photo is from when I first moved in

The back door of the apartment and the eaves the antenna mount will be bolted onto. The apartment is half that long again to the left. The area was bare like this because the photo was taken when I first moved in

I have a feeling that a ten metre (and up to fifty kilo by the time it is all set up) antenna array stuck to the eaves of a tiny apartment secured by nothing more than a single eaves mount bolted to the wooden facing at a height of 2.5 metres may be ambitious. The fact that stands out beyond that even is that standing on the edge of a tile roof fighting to get that array vertical may be wishful thinking when I can barely walk. Then there is my heart. I might manage it all at the far end of human possibility but more likely, without changes and GOOD planning I stand to end up with heart failure and broken limbs! Hmmm, it may not get put up this weekend I think!

Right now I am ill from the trip yesterday, That aspect also looms large. The effort of moving that antenna is not just going hurt it is going to tearĀ  me apart and take days to recover from. Planning, planning planning and my mind struggles to hold simple ideas on bad days. It will need to be written down and I get a cold chill up my back. There is only me to do this if I want to be able to transmit out of this gully and I am scared. Nothing will make the effort required to do any part of this into something kind on my body. This is going to hurt like crap even if I do not fall off the roof or succumb to heart failure. In some part of my mind this all became a huge and terrifying thing. That will not stop me but….I don’t know what to say. I have angina again and I am sore from yesterday. That simple effort and a few tests hurt and will continue to hurt for a day or so. I am just going to stare at the big steel tube for a while and gather my resolve. There isn’t anyone else to do it if I want it done.

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