Mud Ducks vs Boomers

A mud duck used to be a person with a cb radio that operated below standard and was difficult to hear. In recent years this has become a derogatory term used by Boomers to describe those unfortunate people who used the CB channels with legal radios operating on the allowable legal power output. The “Boomers” are ham radio operators and other similar beasts who run immense systems illegally and make it impossible for the operators of legal radios to enjoy the use of their systems.

The boomers have come to consider the CB 27 Mhz as their own preserve. The huge amplifiers they use are obtained purely under their ham licenses and cannot be sold to anyone without such a license or sold for use on any other band (such as 27 mhz cb band).

This morning one operator with a huge amplifier from southern Victoria boomed into radios across Australia and totally blocked the use of the main call channel by every operator of a legal radio across most of the country. A venomous little toad calling himself “Squiddie” Every time he was asked to desist he laughed and said he could do whatever he wanted. He had been doing it for years and bragging about it for years and he is quite right. Nobody with the power to stop him is listening. The legislation is almost impossible to find online so I will not give the actual quotes. The ACMA website is another one of those newer government site rebuilds that appears to have no intention of actually being a resource for information. The few scattered facts it supplies are a joke on a site that probably cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. If I charged that for the sites I give to assist small business I would own a house of my own without ever doing a proper days work. Although I am unable to do a days work so who cares

It is not legal to transmit with the purpose of causing affront although this operator known as “the squid” from Victoria actually brags about years of blocking the signals of legal operators. He begs the government to come take his license as he has done for years. He laughs at the impotence of one communications minister after another despite the fact that he is breaching a whole slew of acts and there is ample punishment in the legislation to make him stop As he left the airwaves other operators boomed into the receiver and discussed their amplifiers. The amps they were discussing were in use and the signal strengths again made listening for legal radios impossible. The situation has been going on for years. These guys run 2000 watts on a band that is reserved for radios of 14 watts. Nobody with a legal radio can operate while they do. Most of these boomers are ham operators. Ham operators have the most trusted class of license. These are the people we expect to pull us out of the shit if there is a natural disaster or a war that closes other communications. We cannot trust them to govern themselves like anyone else we have given that power!

They are at war with us. We are the regular law-abiding Australians. We are Mud Ducks!!! They are the privileged. They abuse huge towers of power to step on us and treat our radio bands as though we are contemptible.  Like corporate bandits they use their money and privilege illegally to take control of our things. Do I sound passionate about this? You can see how hard I have worked and how much money I have spent of my tiny income to be then treated like scum. It is right back through the journal.

In the new year there is a Ham Fete at Gosford or Wyong in NSW. The people who sell equipment are not allowed to sell it to unlicensed operators or operators that abuse the frequencies. Every Ham operator knows who these guys are and these guys are using illegal radios or radios sold with the complicity of their club and fellow users. Where is the government? This is not a small corner of this CB Radio Class license. It is right in middle and all over it. It has gone on for years and these guys are so secure they laugh at us live on radio while booming across the planet with giant amplifiers through huge towers. The law allows for the impounding of all their equipment. When was the last time one was even officially warned? We do not move huge amounts of money in this level of our hobby. Apparently that means the government sits back and watches the value of our efforts destroyed by these cowboys

Copy of this to Minister Of Communications, Federal, with request for comment

Copy to ACMA with request for comment

Comment to the DX Zone, reply requested.

Revision 3

The first reply to the emails and requests for not comment is not too big a deal , Phillip Carson of ACMA  writes

Thank you for the update regarding possible over powered CB devices.. I will pass your comments onto the Sydney office.



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  1. Steve says:

    Please contact me regarding Mud Ducks vs Boomers.

    • admin says:

      I am a bit past this now. The main body of operators who should be keeping me interested were driven off and the local airwaves are empty. Most operators are pulling down their sets and giving up. I will probably do the same. Something similar happened with UHF and that also has been almost decimated by assholes with big radios. I was looking forward to the hobby and hope I can get a little back when I sell the radios,



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