National Disability Insurance Scheme cometh

The NDIS has started assessing me for inclusion in their care program. For my part I am deeply angered and terrified. I have been in care for over a decade and on a pension for a lot longer. I have supplied immense amounts of information over a decade and in the previous decades. I am now so ill I can barely do this. Type out my desperation and rage. Typing it out because I am so ill that people sap my energy and the mood swings make me dangerous, I am alone here

There is quite a bit of a story already going on before the point where I can be pushed to get back in and type some more.

This is the second new keyboard I have the numbers off in four months and that infuriates as well. It looks as though they have twelve month warranties on them so I will be buying the next one and getting every one after that for free. Had enough, had enough, had enough!!!!

I cannot speak to the NDIS representative on the phone without getting really distressed. She did things like insisting I couldnt have brain injuries without hospital visits. I have the hospital visits but in the end they say other things. Being inconscious during football and karate matches. A high speed motorcycle accident that broke every bone in one side of my body could not have have avoided including brain trauma. but she was insisting on brain injury specific records which seems to indicate they are going to rake me over the coals and make me suffer. Remember that public servants in service to this federal government helped murder my brother. They have left the homeless elderly and crippled to die because housing has so much value for investors. They left me without treatment and homeless for decades. They didnt consider my agony worthy of attention until I self medicated and they could arrest me. They didnt protect me from  bent cops coming to steal my insurance payout again and again and home invasions until I bought a gun to try and protect myself and then those same police arrested me. I cannot extend the terror and hate I feel at being again in the hands of government organizations.


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This is the first of two email to my doctor over the matter being spoken of on the phone with NDIS.

The NDIS were not happy with the details on our letter to them. To be honest I am less than enthusiastic as well. It seems to me that when I face having to offer up a body of medical records to prove my condition or explain my situation I am not far advanced from where I was twelve years ago. That is despite nearly twenty years of trying to get it covered so there would be a solid body of evidence and explanation.
ADSSI seems to be even worse. I am unsure what they have except that as near as I can tell there was a management or political coup that saw experienced staff downgraded to less satisfying and lower paid jobs while things like my records either disappeared or lost their place in the scheme of things. Anyway. I am really unhappy with the offering we were able to hand the NDIS. They have asked for more information and actually look like putting me (through) a ringer I can in no way stand anymore.
I am enraged at some of the old records I have ended up being stuck with among my medical records. I went to challenge the diagnosis of one neurologist from back in 1986 only to find that he had died and I can never get the record corrected with him and probably a lot of the others I want to work back through. In his case I was on pretty good ground as he made statements about my health based on a five minute visit to his office where there was no equipment and his primary objective seemed to be to slander me or to fight his version of the culture wars.
I also want to revisit the conclusions of that guy in North Sydney who did the report on me for that court case. Did I mention that the case ended up being a farce. The real estate agents were forced to admit they had assaulted me in large numbers and Wendy was injured while trying to kick me in the face while I was being held by two of her staff and a fireman friend. They had to admit it because they had been reminded that they faced perjury charges that would end her ability to hold a business license and they realized I had a video taken by a passer-by (who so far never would allow me to get it to court). I lost the case because all my evidence disappeared and then reappeared and I wanted to discuss that but that became the point and in its effort to protect itself the court made me a loser under a technicality and even gave Wendy a victim’s compensation claim as she had technically a win. The paperwork from the court contains their confession and even in that there is obviously far more serious things going on from her team. All the stuff from the various people supporting me assumed I was in the wrong and after being assaulted that time and being harassed and vandalized by their little crew for years before that I am steamed about that too.
Even the probation officer wrote a report that tried to make out that I had indicated I was guilty and added words to the very few I offered in an attempt to head off just that from happening. I am very angry about that and have to post the letter she wrote to the court along with Wendy’s confession to out her (the probation officer) as being a cunning and dishonest person of low morals  That is why they like me so much. Anyway. As usual I am ranting about it but to be honest I have not slept more than two hours at a time in weeks and this is the stuff that launches me out of bed after the nightmares. Of course, and the burning feet, and the other things. Ah well
The second email tonight shows a change in my mind. I have to get this straight. Even after decades of begging doctors to make the records I need to stop these people calling me a liar I dont have them. I am angry that I dont have them and even the highest ranking doctor suggesting that I am asking too much is gonna get a hurricane of trouble if they don’t fix this. I am DEMANDING that these fuckers give me what I (or the medical fund) am paying for
Letter two.
It has been quite a weekend. After the demands by NDIS for more information I went into the copious records I have kept to prove my condition. There are almost none.
The x-rays from the years where my body was coping with broken screws and plates in my hip are gone. The notes about the failed surgery to right that are gone. Any notes that seemed supportive of my causes are gone. There a number of documents such as a very damning prognosis from Dr Somerville of Westmead but I never saw Dr Somervill after a time he left me stranded in his office. He sent me a bill for that time and I returned one of his own from a solicitor and followed it up with money collectors so I am sure he could not have happily been a partitioner seeing me years later. Those notes also make prognosis on matters he could not have made accurate assessments of even if he had seen me when the documents claim.
The instructions to my lawyer are all gone. His assessments and the outcomes of tests he had made on my behalf are gone. The medical records they were placed with all still occupy the same folders and spaces. This is not the first time members of my family have had their records disappear. My brother was fighting the defence department over the poisoning of the F111 ground crews and his own terrible illnesses and clandestine raids and theft of documents were a regular part of the recipe all those people were experiencing. That may even be when mine disappeared. There was the potential for a massive legal claim on my part buried in those documents although my interest was in holding off the constant attempts to prove my conditions false.
So, you ask what is my point in taking up more of your time with my despair? This cannot stand. NDIS and people like it must not be able to call me a liar again and again and then eject me onto the street to die with all the others. I am coming to see you. We will make a list or I will make a list. We will either find what each condition linking to each symptom is or we will get a letter explaining why we cannot find it. It will cover EVERYTHING and no self serving practitioner we approach will be given a chance to wave their hand and half halfheartedly tell me that it doesnt matter.. I will drag them through the media until they cannot buy a dunny roll without someone asking them about how they got their license. Nobody will be allowed to rest on their decision to brand me as a liar if I have to hire mad people to visit them in their dreams and if I am mad I want it in goddamned writing. I am sick and I am sick of explaining myself. We will spend copious amounts of public money and document that as an indictment against the NDIS and the government itself.
Cheers and warmest regards
And Happy Birthday Kay, My beloved friend
And now a final letter to the NDIS. I wish I could sleep but this stuff is serious. In this place when you lose your services or even have severe queries about the information on your welfare details you can end up being cut off, homeless and then dead. It only gets more serious if they hire a psychopath to shoot you and that person is standing behind you as you type.
Recently I was asked to supply information regarding my handicaps and illnesses on an access request form. I went to my health practitioner and gave him the form where he jotted down my main problems according to his records which span about twelve years. On delivery of the form your officer felt that the information given was not adequate and when I rang her she made several demands for information I had never considered needing despite actively gathering health data with such an inquest in mind.
I must ask that because I am the person affected by the decisions based on the information that NDIS refers to that you please supply me with a specific list of information required to have on hand for future inquiries. I Ask that this list refer to specific types and amounts of documentation and gives reference to type of professional or person who is considered and adequate assessor of that condition and provider of the data associated with it. I have very wide ranging conditions For most authorities who seem unable or unwilling to deal with the complexity of the state of my health we have been keeping our supply of data to substantial items. This list you supply me with should be one that will be accepted as a guide to a medical practitioner on what long term records he/she must keep to be in tune with each change of government’s schemes and to supply information without extra being required so that we can have something to aim for when we get tests done
Thank you for your assistance
Oh good grief! I wish I had someone to edit this. I am pretty weak this morning and this is the best I could do. As usual…sorry about that!
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  1. Steve says:

    See now, the question arising from this have to do with the information storage and retrieval as well as the expectation of NDIS as to what data is available for them to pick through and what format it in. It is further complicated by their demand on me while they refuse to give me any information about their requirements. I am all the things I say I am. Why, after more than a decade of getting all the tests I am allowed as a pensioner, is that not obvious? That problem has to be fixed. They abuse my position as a civilian if they treat me as an outsider to the pathway and yet expect me to have their non-defined body of files>

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