The NDIS takes me down the rabbit hole

I dont know what to write. Two letters came from the NDIS this afternoon

Yessir,what seems to be the problem? I know, This one has been published somewhere else

Yes sir, what seems to be the problem?

I was too ill to do much all day and this is going to be short as I am still feeling as though I am drifting. The day was seriously bad so I slept through most of it. I couldn’t breathe and all sorts of things. I keep hitting the wrong keys and typing a page is an unbearable process of constant editing. There are two things to write about. The first is to document the letters and other things related to NDIS. I have a big, hand-written journal with print outs and photocopies and everything as well. They are trying to throw as many of us off as they can without regard to the danger this puts us in and we are scared. Great numbers of us are scared.

Actually, before that. I have been out in the dark with the torch a few times. Every time I hear a noise.

I wrote this up about a month back. The woman that lived a few apartments away fell and injured her hip. She spent three days laying there calling for help before she died. Mirel left his outside light on and door ajar so help could come. I walked right by it on the first night, I thought I should pop in and see if he was alright but I didnt feel well and it was late. In the case of the lady I had been doing one walk at night to the top of the drive and back to try and get some air and to discourage the vandals who come sometimes on Friday and Saturday night but I had been too ill and stopped. I really have been too ill or at least ill enough so I didnt want to force myself to walk in case I collapsed. I hate myself for that and all of us feel personal loss and a threat in the way they died. We all know it will happen to us. If I can force myself to do that one walk around the driveway I might hear the next one and they will not have to sit there dying and alone. It really hammers at my chest to think of them like that. Or “us” like that

The Amateur Radio NSW news contacted me to tell me that Mirel has been declared “silent key” which means that a radio operator has passed on and his call sign made inactive. I feel a bit better about that.

Anyway the letter.

To whom it may concern:
One delivery of two envelopes was left in my snail mail box on the 14th October 2016. They were opened at p.m. and found to each contain an identical letter from the National Access team dated 0x October 2016 and with the Reference: xxxxxxx. Behind each letter was a four (double) page document with the title. Access Request-Supporting Evidence Form. The letters are unsigned.
Is it required that I enter two different sets of documents? I did call the line but was unsure of the decision we came to. My short term memory is a bit bad and sometimes I need to have things repeated.
As I have a number of severe health and disability issues which affect me is there one or two professional or specialist reports you would prefer? You must understand that I have been disabled in varying and increasing amounts for forty years and many of the reports and X-rays were lost during periods when I was left without support and became homeless. Recent attempts to revisit those specialists included the discovery that some had passed on and their buildings may not even exist any more. Their information was dated of course.
Your lack of direction in the questions on the letters would seem to indicate that we have entered a period where the idea is that I guess what it might be that you want with a possible outcome of again losing support if I guess incorrectly. With the further possibly of losing my pension and being driven back into homelessness and death. The information held by Centerlink has been thrown open to you and would have been enough I would have thought. What part of that information is inadequate to even lodge me a place with the scheme? Is there not enough? Have they not kept accurate records? Should I be preparing a case against my carers or Centerlink for not keeping adequate information from what I have supplied to prove my case in the face of further queries? Is it my fault and you suspect some part of the massive disabilities I suffer from has healed or should be monitored more fully? I need to give my General Practitioner instructions as to what information would ensure my safety and if I do not have it I need to get it so what is it please.?
I ask you what is missing from the documents you should have been given that would ensure me a life saving place on NDIS lists
In the meanwhile I will instruct my doctor to begin testing of all parts of my disabilities ranging from my crippled toes to my damaged and muddled brains. Any practitioner that cannot find the cause of a symptom will be asked to supply a letter regarding how that could happen and in cases where a doctor is unable or refuses to give the reason I will find the science that explains the limits of the medicine. No opinions, not even educated opinions will be accepted as we fight the culture wars here and I am on the other side.
As I have already spent several decades attempting to get this information on record (and from your request for more data I can see I have failed) this will take more than 28 days. Looking forward to your reply. If you do not reply I will begin freedom of information processes and approach ministers and other referees to open better communications options with your office.
This is not a game. People who fail this process can end up in terrible distress and dying
Stephen Brett Solomons
General Practitioner

(The Weblight Studio Journal is an ongoing electronic record of parts of my life and I was once informed by a lawyer that such journals are considered legal documents. I have more than fifteen hundred pages in several journals online nominating the illnesses and the trips

to medical practitioners. I refers to my mental illness, pain, physical limitations and environment. I offer it as a reference and evidence to your office. It is available online for perusal 24 hours a day. It will also be used to document this process and the distress or other emotions this process causes


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