Another dummy spit from the contractors

grown with love in Barbara’s garden

The electrical contractor claims to have made many attempts to enter the apartment and there is a process of ticking a book if I refuse a rightful entry. The problem is they haven’t been rightful entries. I cannot identify faces I dont know well but he may be among the people who have landed on the doorstep without proper warning or any warning at all and demanded I let them in.

Over the last twelve months there were dozens of attempts to get access to the apartment. It may be that one was the electrician. I think I wrote that someone claiming to be a contractor made eight entry attempts in little more than a month. I assumed it was the same person although several pairs who may also have been him with another person asked to come in. This is an extraordinary level of harassment even if I was a well person. Having notified the company of the Complex PTSD I suffer from it is a purposeful attack. They stopped trying to get in once the entry points had video cameras.

This time the company sent a letter giving me enough time to set up my surveillance and witnesses. I arranged a witness and, as usual, set up video surveillance. A guy arrived at a few minutes after eight in the morning. I photographed his face alongside his identity card and then let him in. He raced up to the smoke alarm and demolished it without a pause then spun to me and demanded I turn off the cameras as it is illegal to record people who do not agree to be recorded. I didnt turn it off.

Making sure I have his ID. His face was hidden but the other cameras will have it

The law says I have every right to record people in my private areas provided they are not in a place where they have a reasonable expectation of privacy such as a shower or toilet or during lovemaking. I wouldn’t allow one of these guys to be on the same planet as me without witnesses and surveillance gear to prevent them trying to make out that I have said or done something I hadn’t. As he left he proved my care in using video recording is fully justified. He marched off the driveway cursing me and telling me he intended to put another mark against my name. That is to say he walked until he was out of sight of the cameras and until the witness was not in sight then he turned and threatened me. The threat was to put another punitive and dishonest marker against my name making me appear to be a troublesome tenant when I am a terrified tenant under constant threat. Somebody has to get these people into line. They are treacherous and dishonest and very dangerous. I cannot be on my guard every moment

It is just full on.  These numbnuts are always complaining and cannot be trusted as far as you can throw them. Chances he was doing something extraordinarily nasty when he realized he was on camera.

I phoned his head office and complained. I am sick of dealing with them as well. They dont seem to tell their guys anything. They wanted me to reschedule like I have not just been insulted and threatened by the guy they will send next time. The smoke alarm is just a plastic construct with some clips and a plug. I dont need them to put it in and I will even hire an off contract guy and pay for him myself rather than let anymore of these bloody bastards into my world

The plug and fitting where the alarm used to sit. Any monkey can fit one from this point

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