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It has been a strange few months.

Almost ten years ago I bought a good quality quilt. It was 90% duck down and was keeping me warm up to last year when it required more and more bedding over it to keep me warm.

It turns out that the down becomes less effective over time because it breaks and no longer provides the warm layer. Combined with the annual dry-cleaning it was only ever expected to last less than ten years. That was a surprise. I have been spending my very limited money on assets I thought would last at least twice that long or possibly forever with care.

Being warm and not having much weight on my body is important at night. The bed itself is lousy and uncomfortable so the bedding, at least, has to have some comfort. The quilt I found was a lot cheaper than the item it was replacing but it was made in Denmark and claimed to be 90% duck down and have the same levels of resistance to cold.

The apartment is always open to the air and the bed hard against the big glass doors so I can breathe and this quilt has been good.

I mentioned I had bought a small butane camp heater so I could paint when the cold became brutal. Last year I discovered I did not have the fortitude to work in an unheated space at about zero degrees centigrade. When it became cold this year the heater was pulled out of its box, loaded with a canister of butane and promptly spat it back out. It will not lock the can into the cradle and lets it release just far enough so it was spitting gas. It was lucky I had my hand hovering nearby or the loose gas might have met the freshly lit gas and caused a fire.

The little heater was boxed back up and I made an arrangement with the people who transport and care for me to pick me up and take me all the way over to Tuggerah where the thing was purchased

I had also been trying to get a transport which wasn’t dedicated to visiting doctors or other urgent things so I could renew the mobility parking “thing” That involved more paperwork and another doctor’s certificate which took weeks to get because I had to hire transport carers and I only have the physical and moral strength to do a trip every now and again.

I mistook the day they were due and spent several hours struggling with clothes and medication and showers needlessly. The next day was again spent struggling with those things and because I feel foul for hours after I get up I stayed awake most of the night.

At the time they were due I was waiting. Time passed and I was still waiting. When I rang the admin apologized telling me she had forgotten to write my booking down yesterday. I rang days ago. She then handed me to her supervisor who told me my plan had run out and my services were cancelled until I signed new contracts. I was, and am, livid.

Ringing NDIS found they had a technical glitch and the plan should have been physically here but was stuck in the machine. They then informed me I could get a copy of the plan from the mygov website.

I explained to the person on the phone I have two copies of former plans which both state my plan began on June 20 2018 and I had been told it was a twelve month span. They simply ignored me and said nothing about that again

I am heartily sick of being directed to that bloody mygov website. I went there again to look at the NDIS and found I have to string every agency into the account individually and have even more passwords. Then it would not let me continue because I did not have some approval number from the NDIS who had just got off the phone without telling me so I would have to go back through their call center again. I had enough by then so I didn’t. I also do not want to be forced to keep an entire office of equipment and files of passwords so I can print out and access information which used to just come in the mail.

I thought I should ujpdate this here before the bit about property inspections. The representative of the company has been and gone today. He was polite and human and for the first time since I arrived here it was a very normal inspection. The little cabal that had been causing all the heartache may be gone. Whatever, it is a huge relief not to be attacked. I thank them for it and have to decide what to leave here if anything

Now, coincidentally, another letter has come in the mail and it has come at a time my cancelled services means I have to face things without support. The letter was a letter from (removed) or maybe it was from(removed)or possibly from (removed) or even(removed. All those letterheads are plastered across the letter. It was a letter telling me the company, or the government, or some family friend of someone who despises me have decided to visit my 30sqm brick box for a property condition report. It has traditionally been the opening gamut for a range of abuse and intimidation and is the reason I have had to hire security guards at times and finally to festoon the property in CCTV cameras.

You can say what you want. The first attack of the year is occurring while my NDIS papers are locked in some odd technical glitch meaning I am blocked from the services and support which would have been on the property as independent witnesses. If we were talking about the delivery of cookies there may be a doubt but the incoming evil is another government department and it is just a phone call to get their colleagues to join in the campaign against the evil Jewish guy.

Knowing that I suffer complex PTSD, anxiety, heart disease and a host of other things this group of fraudsters has been coming here whenever they could with any form of intimidation they can manage. They sent the police several times just to be sure I was “alright”. They bring as many office members as possible to wander through my apartment and show me they can do whatever they want. They use the statistics taken out of context at Tribunals to try and indicate this is a problem address.

Their contractors are the unbelievable ones. One contractor turned up at the door, often while I was ill and asleep and then went away. He gave no warning but said he had left notes. I could not find notes but it doesn’t matter. He was in breach of the Residential Tenancy Act which does not allow him to turn up and demand entry as he feels like it. He then sent a proper letter and came but was unhappy and left the apartment telling me he would report as being in breach of the act for refusing him access again. The company, then under a different name, told me I had breached the act and would in future have police force my door if I didn’t let this guy in.

I told them he had breached the act the last seven or so times he had been to the property and his constant visits were a form of abuse and stalking. They intended to still use the police to bust in so I informed them I had time-stamped and verified video of the guy in the apartment and then as he left and was rudely informing me he would get even for something by telling his company I had refused him access to my apartment.

They didn’t like that

I think the problem comes from the time I stood up to them and demanded I be allowed to cut 10sqm of grass by my front door. The contractors then made it clear they didn’t like a crippled guy from a government housing unit talking back to them. Then I had a Jewish name. Someone insisted I must be gay. I am not but thought we had all moved on from being indignant that others were so I didn’t run up to their office and tell them (Hey, I am not gay or Jewish nor am I a new Australian!) They had local guys come and abuse me. They enrolled a criminal they housed directly opposite me to continue the attacks and abuse. The fact he was briefed and instructed and encouraged was obvious by the language he used and the examples he cited. He certainly didn’t get the deep knowledge of their opinions in the few minutes it took to move him in. Anyway, he was arrested for grooming young girls and is in jail somewhere.

A few times I had problems with contractors who would park on the tiny verge of grass, right under my window. They thought I had control issues. I have grass issues and don’t want my apartment to be surrounded by the mud moat they created on the other places they parked but it wasn’t the crux of it.

I have serious heart disease and am painfully crippled. When there is a big angina attack the only course of action for me is to sit as still as possible in the most comfortable and supportive place I can find and medicate for the pain as much as I am allowed. Frequently I would be laying on the bed trying to find stillness so I would live through a big attack and someone would park a truck right under my window, against the Do Not Park on the Grass sign, and begin noisily unloading.

They knew I was asleep, I snore, they knew I have heart disease and am struggling with PTSD. I gave them a document about it foolishly thinking they would respect the seriousness of the condition and withhold their abuse

So, I am not happy when after five years they seem ready to continue their infantile intolerance and their abuse. I am very annoyed with the police for protecting this official stalking of a handicapped person. The thought of having their dishonest, prejudiced little faces peering through my private space looking for anyway to harm or trigger me or any excuse to evict me is sickening

In other posts there were mentions of very regular incidents of illness and recently they included examples I considered must be food poisoning. Every bit of food in the fridge was thrown out. The cutlery was all bleached. The water-filter was removed and will be replaced as will the water bottle I have been using. All these chores nearly wiped me out but next I took my last few dollars and went to a dentist. They repaired two of my teeth (all I could afford) and almost as soon as I was back in the apartment that day I felt stronger and much of the illness dissipated. Septicemia from my teeth!

The hard drive which collapsed several months ago was replaced and arrived back in the mail this morning. I will formally thank the techs when I have looked in the box. There is an old second-hand drive lent to me by a local computer company in the machine now. It has held up alright but I need to return it and get some other work done.

There are constant attacks from  ransom-wear hackers at the moment. They tell me the password off some old site and then demand I pay them bitcoin to prevent them publishing images of me masturbating to pornography. They are really annoying. They cannot have images of that for many reasons. My body was ruined in that accident and for more than a decade will not do anything sexual. I have no cameras on my machines. There is no porno in my machines and I don’t view porno at all. The final indignity has to do with the fact that sitting behind a desk spanking the monkey is not something I would be embarrassed about. If only I could!

The thing equally annoying is every time I use a service I need online they demand I make another account, supply more details, and more passwords, and eventually are hacked as well. That too annoys me

There are no images on these posts while my primary drives are not available. Sorry. I have plans to extend the journals and to get out of here a little more because I feel better since the dentist. That may make my life less boring and give me some content worth reading.

There are a number of inks and stippling, several works in carbon and a few large acrylics on both boards and canvas. If you noticed and I bet it didn’t occur to anyone (like you care) I have not finished a work in a long while despite having several on the easel so working back is the vibe of the day. Finish it so I can show something!

Sorry those people who are not yet being sent updates by email. When the drive crashed many addresses were lost and I am not spending time finding them until the final drive is back up.

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