NDIS update September 2019. Improvements

In the plan from the NDIS I asked them to assist me to get a drafting chair. The style and size of such a chair is a solution to a particular lack of space and high desk top. As stated in earlier journals there have only been a couple of wooden milking stools with cushions across them and it has been brutal.

From Barbara’s Garden

The NDIS compensated me for some money I had used to cover services before the plan was initiated and to cover services going forward. Having that funding back in the system lifted my lifestyle and allowed me to look at other things needed to get set up around here. The useful drafting chairs on the internet looked to be around $300 before delivery and none of the local stores on the Central Coast had examples I could test. It can be hard to find much apart from bog standards without knowing where they are here.

Mobility2you replaced the batteries on the mobility scooter with shiny new ones from their original sealed boxes. It is great to have reliable batteries on board.

The support worker took me to Lakes Tiles to look at four-drawer filing cabinets and we found some rough but sturdy second hand ones in their warehouse. They have a ton of second hand office furniture at low prices although I found their delivery price a bit steep. I guess they have an award for delivery of tiles setting what they pay delivery drivers

There was one virtually new drafting chair sticking up out of the mass of office chairs. It was good quality, nice material and had been put together badly so the price was very low. In the end I bought the chair, a filing cabinet and a small steel cabinet for far less than the price of a new chair. Half an hour of cursing and sweating and the chair was fitted properly. It is not perfect but after years of wooden benches it is luxurious to my scrawny backside. I believe I heard Governments did not buy or compensate people for second hand goods so I have not put paperwork in. It will be enough to let them know I have met that requirement of the plan and am more comfy

Amidst the confusion of all the things having to be re-stacked to fit them in. The white steel cabinet and the drafting chair

The support worker and I are getting used to each other. With my head usually fluffy from the past brain damage and medication I am scattered like a chook. I know she gets annoyed but so far has been really good about things. She is a bit of an artist herself so was not daunted when we went to an art gathering with live models. She seems to work with many creative people and I enjoy talking to her.

The funding allowed me to attend The Universities of Newcastle and Sydney Creative Writing course. They did a webinar where we watch and comment over video link. It was on Wednesday evening for two hours. At the time the support worker was taking me shopping on Wednesdays. The distance in shopping centres means shopping trips push into levels where I endure extraordinary pain. We would arrive back here and my head would be lolling about on my neck, my speech slurred. She would leave because I could not stand the extra energy it took to keep her updated. The shopping would literally be slammed into the freezer or fridge if it was urgent to have it cold. Often I would roll into bed fully dressed and almost slide into unconsciousness until some form of cramp or something woke me a few hours later.

I would climb out of bed and turn the computer on. The worst bit was sitting in front of the camera knowing I was on a big screen in the University and trying to keep my eyes from rolling or my tongue hanging out from exhaustion. I think I babbled a couple of times. The mic was not set up properly and I had to fix it while nursing a headache and reading my work to the class. Testing!

The course finished and I earned the certificate which I thank NDIS for assisting me with. I am still undergoing further education on writing although not here. As you must see from this journal I am awful at first person writing or even knowing if it is correct to use it. Hopefully I will find some wise writer soon. Why do I use paragraphs where I do? Do not know. Something else I could benefit on information about but I should look on Google

 The “Big Sulk” and the journals prophesied in the last entry loom closer. They percolate through my head bringing me constant torment as one partial memory after another looms into view and I struggle to understand the context. There is a novel as well and I am pleased to find the work done on that already gives it a firm foundation.

The new filing cabinet will be home to copies of all the files back grounding the books and journals. The originals are stored off site along with spare computer back ups. It costs a fortune to be disciplined and I just want to drop everything and sit on the floor drooling when I am ill which has been a lot. Still, all this activity is many levels better than I was capable of before. None of the works will be exposes. I am not the type for it.

The new cabinet, The way filing is piling up around here I am going to need this many again soon

As I have said I am more energetic than I have been able to manage for a long time. There are still days which pass without me seeing them. There is almost no work despite a huge bunch of good ideas and equipment. This place is brutal on my body and every device used to work on a drawing or painting has to be rescued from deep beneath piles of supplies and other devices. The actual images have to be created in such a close space I barely get to work on them for minutes before I am defeated by pain and lack of space. I am trying but even my subconscious is playing tricks to keep me from delving into painful exercises. Some part of me is deeply injured and is doing the equivalent of grabbing me by the chin and making me look everywhere but at a hard task. There is work very slowly emerging. I am still gutted from the loss of drawings when I was left here during a bathroom flooding without any support or plumbers. Work was damaged which had cost me many months of painful effort. I find it hard to even look at it. It is being finished but slowly and without much flair.

The purple fountain grass has almost been repotted and cut into loose clumps. Afte buying enough for two pots a few years back it is now up to eight or so. The “or so” recognizes this years shabby effort and the possibility some of the pots will fail to grow back.

There are new indoor plants. This year my mind may be more pliable but physically I am failing faster. I suspect there is mold in some books in here. I wear the surgical masks every night and when ever I remember and the result seems to be more clarity of thought and better lung capacity. The other morning I woke so ill I almost fell on my face when I finally left the bed. The mask had fallen off although it may not have been that. Later in the day the six kilometer round trip on a mobility scooter to the Bateau Bay Village supermarket made me feel rancid. Like the time the support worker and I wandered the great shopping areas I simply climbed off the scooter and slept until lack of medication made me even more ill and forced me to get up. Diabetes and heart disease are not merciful when it comes to fueling the body and taking the injections and pills. No matter how ill you think you are not attending to those things makes the situation awful.

Anthony is eighteen. Did someone tell me about that? Nana lost track of time as well and is painfully embarrassed. She didn’t forget him. She forgot what day it was. Then she had a big accident and the life medal thing called emergency because she was down and hurt and then she further lost track. Her brother was desperately ill and they thought they would lose him and she was in such a bad place the world stopped being about what day or even what months it was.

Eighteen is a big one and I am a little annoyed I didn’t get to make an offering on the day but I guess now I wait and see what he might like when the partying ends.

I use a program called Dropbox to defend one level of the backups for these journals. It backs up to my desktop and to their servers online. It has saved me many hours recovery time when the machine has crashed. The backups have been pushing my space allocation and emptying past saves was becoming a chore I didnt want to do while I was ill. I was stuck because the next level of space is normally an upgrade with monthly fees. The fees are low and in a business with income I would have started with that but I am getting by with a pension. I told them about it via their Facebook page and they increased my allowance to give me more time to maintain the backups when I feel ill. That was so nice of them

All this is pretty boring right now. I am trying to get out a bit more with the new worker and will see if we can attend places of some interest.  

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