New Batteries

Middle of last year the representatives of the National Disability Support Scheme assessed me for the services and equipment I needed. That assessment recognized the importance of the mobility scooter and allowed for a small maintenance budget. As the expected life of the batteries in the scooter was coming to an end the budget was designed with that replacement in mind

My carers, Better Care from Gosford were emailed about a week ago and asked to preside over the interaction. They have been looking after me well. Especially considering how contrary my habits and needs are to the institutionalized person that were often used as subjects to base plans on in the past. The various support agencies have been building more flexible plans for years now.

Better Care contacted Mobile2You at Erina. They were the suppliers of the scooter and agents for Pride who made it. I am almost impossible to contact on the phone. There is only a filtered landline here and I often cannot get my feet under me in time to answer it. Most of the communication is through Facebook or email and people have been good about using those methods when they wouldn’t normally. I am still really anxious about the frontal lobe injuries and find that talking in real time is difficult. I do it all the time but really struggle to hold to the subject for any time and sudden complex parts of a conversation can blank me out to a point where my mouth will just fill in the blank before I realize there is one and I look stupid or make bad choices.

It took about a week and Phil Loveridge delivered the new batteries and installed them outside the apartment where I had the machine set up for him. He wouldnt have been able to work inside. There is space to stand but not to work on a vehicle or wrestle heavy batteries.

The scooter has been working without a hitch and Mobilityy2You have been on top of the few thing that have had to be fixed.

The old batteries are stored under the barrel at the apartment for now. When I feel up to it they will be carried around the back on a trolley and placed into a plastic case at the back near the door. I have an idea that my Cobra CB will work better from a battery and decided to wire in a solar array to keep the batteries topped up. There hasn’t been much use for the CB radio lately and I am unsure if I can justify the money for the solar array. it may be enough power to run something in the house which will mean another purchase or two but if it could run the computer reliably and safely it could give me access to the machine if not the wireless in a blackout and maybe pay for itself in saved power costs.