Heat Waves, #NDIS, New Chair

Let me see. The office chair which has been my main place of residence for the last year has largely failed. The fake leather is disintegrating and the cushions are flat. Sitting on it as many hours as I do has become painful and is stopping the blood flow in my legs which is making my feet swell up like little purple sausages. That is very, very dangerous with the degree of diabetes.

The new chair is a Chelsea office chair that reclines and has 8-point massage. I know I will regret getting the last bit. Chairs with motors rarely survive the amount of use I put them to. It was chosen over the internet from the site of Temple and Webster. They seem to have a great range of furniture and their office chairs range from some very affordable ones to some that a manager of a large firm might enjoy.

I think Family and Community Services sent two more demands for the lease data since the last entry in here. Barely worth mentioning.

There has been no action on the NDIS package. I had two transport services over the few months and still owe money for the mileage. I have been too ill during the hottest parts of the day and it has escaped me. I will try and remember to make an appointment later today. I sent the providers a long letter explaining what I saw as a coming disaster around the scheme. I was going to include the notes for that but I want to keep it short.

The heat has been impossible to escape and my heart has been letting me know it cannot cope much longer. Unfortunately there is a massive heatwave due and I am looking at the almost-certainty that I will lose this one. They are promising that we could face power blackouts. That would leave us in tiny sweat boxes without fridges, fans or air-conditioners. Not that many of the people here have air-conditioners or that my tiny Dimplex will be doing anything but failing to cool a room that is way to hot for it to cope.

I am pretty angry about this. My lack of the things I need to stay cool and preserve my life are a direct result of the absolute lack of consideration tenants get from property owners. I grew plants up in front of the hot side of one house and developed a cooling garden at the back before I was forced to move. The next place I grew a tree on the front yard so it shaded the big windows on my house and would have put whirly birds in the roof, Made shade cloths to go all around and insulated the roof but the feud with the moronic property managers and then the eviction means I would have lost my money. There was no one but a simpering idiot to discuss it with anyway.  The fact is that, unless you accidentally land in a house some other tenant spent their own money to cool, there is little chance of finding yourself in anything but a sweat lodge. It is just more of the abusive manner tenants are treated in while stuck in the low-income rental spiral. Despite the laws supposed to protect tenants there is either no attempt to compensate the tenant for this kind of work or if compensation is likely to be sought they will refuse to allow the work. I try. There are plants at the front of this place where the sun is worst but I have only had them in the ground a few months and they will need two years to even start to cool that wall. The shade cloth hangers are up across the back of the cabin and they are made to encourage air flow.

I was relying on the fridge for cold water and ice. The ice will be alright but the chiller seals have started failing and my salads and some meat went stale almost the same night I bought them so cold water will just be cool.

Angina? Is that the name for the sharp twinges happening in my chest? They shouldnt be happening and they are happening right at the beginning of the worst heatwave I have ever known. Like I said. I might make it but among the people I would bet wouldnt make it this time I am at the top of the list. I repainted the front door a crisp white and will go out in a moment and encase the screen door in a plastic tarp. That will stop some of the direct heat that hits that door for the first half of every summer day and may just give the A/C a better chance. I didnt sleep last night and I needed to. The effort of writing this is causing attack after attack of the little heart stabs. I cant see how I can get through it when I am already showing signs of heart failure and it is cool. Well its not cool it is hot but it is a long way short of where its going. I have a headache, Another indication my heart is already under pressure I suspect.

The UHF CB radio repeater that is channel 3 and the only place I find people to talk to has disappeared and if it doesn’t come back I will have wasted several hundred dollars spent on equipment and antennas. There had been nobody much talking. I had stopped because I was ill and not awake when anyone was about. Anyway unless I figure some other use for the radios they just became boat anchors like my chair, my fridge and probably my heart.

I am going to have a blast of Nitro to try and start the day off with less stinging angina. I am not sure I think either my heart fails or the arteries fail and I bleed out into my chest. Not looking forward to that at all. I really only wrote this because I didnt want to be here with myself but now that it is finished I am back with my own failing company. There is some art. I dont want to die while I am making art. I hope you are all safe. If are as hard pressed as me you are well on the way to being screwed and I am sorry. I am also sorry for writing such a miserable post but right now there is a big shadow blossoming and I am about to begin fighting for my life from the back of the burning bus.

I am a bit excited that the new chair is coming today. I need to shower and get dressed so I am not just a big pool of perspiration when the delivery guy comes. Gotta try, right?