Recapping, The fight against the Apprehended Violence Order

Way back after the 2012 assault by Ray White staff and friends at Budgewoi numerous court cases evolved. The estate agents were desperate to vindicate their phony assault charge so their little paper ninja, the seemingly cowardly, Craig Favelle pulled a stunt and took out an apprehended violence order against me. He cost the citizens and his own office thousands of dollars in his attempt to blacken my name so it would assist their assault case to seem legit.

I had a lawyer called David Spencer who at different times didnt turn up, could be found in deep conversations in the enemy camp, and would make me stand outside the court room while he apparently sabotaged my case inside. The magistrate would never roll back a decision made on this basis and simply said my lawyer must have been instructed to do it.

The subpoena that had been drawn at the beginning of the main case was supposed to not exist and David could not find it anyway. The registrars actually tried to tell me no such document existed. It was another attempt by the court to defend one of the local hillbilly families against a “scumbag blow-in” or a mixed race, Jewish half-breed.

I gave up trying to find an honest lawyer in Wyong and headed to the Newcastle Law School where I passionately tried to get assistance to run my own case but was eventually repulsed and politely sent back home. The cartoon below is the one drawn at the time to indicate my disgust with David Spencer

Oh, I won that one and everyone who claimed to be supporting Craig’s case decided not to risk perjury charges by showing up in court as did Craig