It feels like it is changing. It’s the way we look into the future now. The way visionaries write about it has changed. Visionaries are losing their desire to look too far. The great sweeping hope of the sci-fi era is becoming even more apocalyptic. The truth is that our future has infinitely more chance […]

350ppm t-shirts

See them here Today is a much better day than yesterday. I can move a bit After watching the news about the 350ppm demonstrations I was inspired to make a series of designs for the Zazzle site. It has been difficult to get angle on what to say about the way I feel about global […]

Public Transport

Why don’t more people use it? In the face of all the information we have about the changing climate and the advantages of a population using less personal vehicles why are people staying away in droves? This is just a brief note covering a very few of the problems facing the commuter. It relates to […]

Manic Spam and Infrastructure Spending

What is it to be manic? Yesterday the cleaner who was replacing the normal cleaner spent a couple of hours here cleaning the house and chatting. Being manic is like being possessed. Some people actually drool as words and thoughts explode from their head without any real intellectual  control. I embarrassed myself yesterday. There was […]