Brown water

I would have liked to sleep all day but things run towards their climaxes. I went up the street and spent some time chewing the fat and drinking coffee with a few friends which I badly needed to do. I was getting jumpy and a little stressed. They all offered to help get the scooter […]

Sea Shells

In the intertidal areas of the Budgewoi lagoon (they call it a lake!) are these long spiral shells. They exist there in great numbers as discarded items and in the sand about the lagoon a fascinating little snail lives its quiet life almost unnoticed. Looking for some symbol of this place led me these innocuous […]

It Broke

The charger for the mobility scooter broke yesterday. It sat on the garage bench cold and without a light and I had a moment of panic. Just a moment! After that I went into shock so I couldn’t feel the panic anyway The big decision was to either call ADSSI and ask for help or […]