Cherry Tobacco

I am going to try and get through this but my health is collapsed right now. They took me to Gosford Hospital this morning and I went through a whole wad of questions and tests in the Neuropathology section of that hospital. I was informed there are a lot more tests to go. They are […]

Letter from the Agents

The letter from Ray White at Budgewoi arrived yesterday. Dear Stephen Re: Routine Inspection As part of our responsibilities as Managing Agents we are required to carry out regular inspections on each property we manage…. etcetera etcetera you can imagine. It was signed by Craig Favelle as Property Manager. Apparently they take turns. The date […]

Is it murder?

The pain has eased a great deal this morning. There is some kind of pain in the left side of my chest that feels as though something has lodged there but overall the levels are lower. My limbs feel weak. I can push through all that. I am amazed at the technology we have at […]

The Pain Dance

The macabre run around some doctors give to people who suffer chronic pain. It seems to be about to start again for me. The 30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol tablets I take for the considerable pain I deal with ran out yesterday. Because I was having a bad day and suffering confusion and weakness I […]

Perspective on Murder

Life can be confusing. And never more confusing than when hypocrisy and lies are blended with facts. The latest pogrom against people who live a biker lifestyle is one of the things that adds to my own confusion. I remember the 1970’s when bikers loved motorbikes and parties and mostly worked hard and had families. […]