The pain word

I am going to use it again so be warned. Waking up this morning was painful. The new damage is making life hell. Most of the early morning was spent on my back fighting to get a grip on myself. Hang on that sounds like auto eroticism. No it wasn’t that. The world is just […]

Dead Windows

After the machine crashed I contacted several local computer repairers from the phone directory. The first to assist was DSA Computers from just up the road. Dave the technician didn’t want to waste my money and recognized how badly I was struggling. He gave me a bunch of things to try before calling him again. […]

Setting up Mum’s machine

It was Mum’s 75th birthday and she was desperate to get online and join the family in Facebook. As a combined birthday present and attempt to get her set up online I flew to Queensland to see her. It took me six months of medical maneuvering to get my health to a point where I […]

Asus EeePC 1005P Netbook review

Just a quick review. First impressions really. Mum bought the machine for her use so she could use Skype and emails. I have spent many hours over the last few days teaching her to access them so that gives her level of user. The computer was sourced from Dick Smith’s at Maroochydore in Queensland and […]

Dodo Hacks Browsers

June 2010. There were more entries over the next year more drama but eventually I upgraded to a bronze account and convinced them to change the way the notifications worked. The speeds are still a problem but that is this place rather than their service so far (August 2009: I notice Dodo now has a […]