Cherry Tobacco

I am going to try and get through this but my health is collapsed right now. They took me to Gosford Hospital this morning and I went through a whole wad of questions and tests in the Neuropathology section of that hospital. I was informed there are a lot more tests to go. They are […]


We left here at 5am Friday morning. A guy from Home Care picked me up and took me into Sydney to St Vincent’s Hospital. We chatted about art all the way. He is another one of those people who pours images and ideas out, has a muse of sorts and refuses to call himself an […]

Boom, heart attack

A chest wracking pain has been chewing at my chest since I awoke this morning. I have taken aspirin and fluids. I have also eaten eggs on toast. The meds for diabetes were taken at about 4am with a very small breakfast and low blood sugar may have been a partial culprit for the attack. […]

Heart Attack?

How would you know? I had a suspected stroke or heart attack back in 1991 or 92. I had ridden a bicycle about a thirty kilometers in forty degree centigrade heat. I have already noted that there are a pile of painful disabilities in this old body, plus diabetes and some other things so it […]