Cicada Shell

The drawing of the cicada shell is finished. I guess the style is a natural growth from the stippling and the textured surfaces I have been making when I do paintings. It covers most of an A3 page and the ink is pigmented Art Spectrum. I do not know if that stuff is still available. […]

Iconic Buildings of Budgewoi

Over the day today three of the series of iconic buildings of Budgewoi morphed into framed images. I did not think I would be able to get through it but there they are. They are 40cm x 50 cm standard stock frames I use for displays. They were supposed to have mat-board inserts but it […]

Sea Shells

In the intertidal areas of the Budgewoi lagoon (they call it a lake!) are these long spiral shells. They exist there in great numbers as discarded items and in the sand about the lagoon a fascinating little snail lives its quiet life almost unnoticed. Looking for some symbol of this place led me these innocuous […]

Catching up in February

It has been a while since I was in here. My lack of energy and enterprise seems to have a reason however. After I complained of pain in my testicles and bad pain in my chest the doctor sent me over to the nuclear medicine place at Toukley (PPR Diagnostic Imaging). It took a few […]