The little god enters and bestows his venom

I have to rewrite this. I have my “Pauls” mixed up although they are both in the story. I need to get through the next post first though.

A guy, Micheal Snape from Legal Aid at Gosford, rang today. I thought he was from Gosford but he actually sent me a file and at the end of the email it says he is from the Haymarket office. I believe Haymarket may be NSW head office in Sydney. He must be somebody as he has his own private email address. With the Legal Aid office bound up in the protection of the political line I guess I am in danger of doing something that doesn’t gel with their desire to have the world some politically correct way. I dont know. I am unwell. This is tough. He claimed the staff were distressed over emails I sent to the office. The last few emails I sent were demands that Legal Aid fix the problem they had caused me. I also speak of the deaths of vulnerable tenants after being evicted. He spent 30 minutes telling me in a dozen different ways that he could pull my grant for legal aid.

I dont understand what is happening but I have embraced this flag as representing our battle and I embrace it proudly

I believed Legal Aid hired a lawyer to take my case a couple of months ago. The lawyer they hired was Paul Dixon who I felt was the prosecuting lawyer representing my opponents. It happens a lot. I cannot remember names or faces a lot of the time

Legal Aid have become a big part the problemThe way they have simply held me at arm’s length and destroyed my ability to defend a case with a very good chance of winning fountains the reek of corruption

Paul called me once at the beginning of that period and I expressed an urgent need to see the files obtained from Family and Community Services by subpoena. He promised me those files and said we could make an appointment and then he did nothing else. Meanwhile the date for the delivery of my evidence was coming closer. I called his answering service every day but was aware any more numerous demands than that would get my grant cancelled. I did as much as was humanly possible I also sent emails to Legal Aid. Some of those bounced because they blocked my address from passing their servers. I used different email addresses and sent the messages a second then a third time but they ignored them.

On the 22nd of March Legal Aid changed the lawyer again. Their letter didnt come until some days later which was probably the 25th just as I fell deeply ill. I was not well enough to read it for a couple of days and then as were into Easter and I was desperately trying to get medical help where none was available the letter was put aside. The files, my evidence, was due on the 23rd or it would cease to be acceptable to the tribunal and I was to be (will be, am being) thrown to the wolves! I had and still have none of the documents they were supposed to supply me with, and I required to make decisions on what to do for my defense. I begged for help but there isnt anybody.

Paul Dixon was on site at NCAT as he is most week days and did not tell that he’d blocked me from getting evidence. The new lawyer did not turn up to that hearing despite me logging a huge body of evidence with the first lawyers whom represented me.

I became even more ill and was bedridden from about the 25th. I was ill all over Easter and finally on Easter Monday public Holiday an abscess which had been a hidden source of infection came into view and made the situation desperate. After hours (Grace Medical Center) gave me antibiotics and on Tuesday a carer took me for an emergency dental procedure. The infection had hit my heart really hard and at this point I am still very weak and fighting a massive infection in my face.

Michael tried to convince me that Paul didn’t sit on my case and leave me without defense. He tells the story that they were in phone contact and Paul told him immediately or a day or so into the gig that he wasn’t doing it. The times and dates don’t make sense. He is lying. They suddenly looked and realized they have placed themselves in danger and are now trying to make out that missing the date to deliver evidence is no big deal. Here is where it gets really ridiculous and nasty. It doesn’t matter if I have evidence to defend myself with because Michael of Legal Aid thinks I will lose anyway. He doesn’t know what happened. He doesn’t know what I have to say. Legal Aid has decided I dont have have a case and they rang today to tell me that and to enjoy the feeling of my inability to do this without them.

Michael asked me why I didn’t just move somewhere else. I felt like crying right then and he must have obtained some triumph from that. The whole world knows there are no apartments or properties for anyone under certain income levels. Even if there were I am fighting to get some quality of life from the end of my life and I am ill all the time. Moving properties is the most stressful thing a person can do. I will not survive and I will lose all the investment in garden, interior furnishing like blinds and other things. I will lose another twenty or so potted plants. Years of collecting art supplies will be wasted and the chances are what is left of my life’s work will be left on a road side as well. You are a prick Michael. Moving out of here on a pension will cost me thousands. There is nowhere to go anyway. That a person like Mike Snape who has some rank in the Legal Aid main office chooses to remain ignorant of the plight of his customers is a big hurt

I have to include a little more. These people, my defense team, are supposed to protecting the legal rights of a seriously ill handicapped man with complex ptsd and some brain damage. This man takes a dizzying array of medications so that he now lives entirely alone because of mood swings and confusion. These people are supposed to be suitable people to provide me with a defense. Every time I give in for a moment to the constant battering of illness and dismay these people become ravening enemies full of accusations as though there is some righteous cause I am on the wrong side of

Somehow I have to send a letter to the appropriate minister asking that Legal Aid be represented as a hostile to my case or person and their effect has been to totally nullify any chance I had of a fair hearing.

I just want to load up on pain relief and sleep. I must have landed in hell or at least purgatory. I am so ill that I can barely hold my head up and yet yet they attack again and again. The people who are employed as watchdogs for the vulnerable seem to approve! There is no profit. it is just malice! The crippled guy will not lay down and let them run all over him. I am aghast! What must be happening to people without a voice or any educational resources to protect themselves? I stand up to my knees in the emotional blood and gore of hundreds of helpless people!

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