Nuh! I cannot sleep or even lie still. My mind just goes over and over this situation and I cannot let it go. Pain, let me say it again. I hurt all over and the stress will not let me rest. The stress is as much of a problem as any of the other problems […]

Wyong Court II

So we went to court for the plea and to get another adjournment. This time the visit lasted from 9am until 3pm and left me sitting in a swirling ocean of pain. On arrival, for those of us who are seeking or have legal aid, the process is to go to a table set up […]

Easter Saturday

In the morning I went up to the pharmacist to get some heart medications. This afternoon I noticed that one of the diabetes medications had run out as well. there is always something to run out of on public holidays. The day was spent reading Stephen King’s CELL and bringing a drawing up to the […]

Brown water

I would have liked to sleep all day but things run towards their climaxes. I went up the street and spent some time chewing the fat and drinking coffee with a few friends which I badly needed to do. I was getting jumpy and a little stressed. They all offered to help get the scooter […]

by degrees

The tribunal was yesterday. It was a terrifying and exhausting experience which I understandshould not be revealed beyond the walls of the tribunal so I will limit myself to the following s within the tribunal. Aged Disability Support Services case manager Yvonne was a stalwart who stood for me when my health and ability to […]

The Pain Dance

The macabre run around some doctors give to people who suffer chronic pain. It seems to be about to start again for me. The 30mg codeine and 500mg paracetamol tablets I take for the considerable pain I deal with ran out yesterday. Because I was having a bad day and suffering confusion and weakness I […]